About Us

A Better Platform To Shopping Online !!

Loket House is a leading and prominent player in the jewellery market that has been catering to jewellery lovers since 2015 with its exquisite and stunning collection of jewels.

 The core foundational value of our business is based upon supplying our customers not with mere pieces of jewellery, but lending them the best jewellery buying experience they ever had.

 From elegant and shimmering pieces of pendants and necklaces to stylish and sizzling rings, gleaming bracelets, and dazzling earrings, we let jewellery lovers adorn themselves with the exemplary glow and charm of your jewels.

Our Vision...

Right from our inception in the year 2015, we have always strived to make jewellery shopping accessible and feasible for every person who wishes to surge his/her aesthetics with the charm and brilliance of our shining and shimmering jewels.


We have translated this into the form of a visionary benchmark for our business. And each of the upgradation or modification done to the business since then is driven by the desire to hit that benchmark.

Our Mission...

To ensure the protection of the interests of jewellery lovers, we have taken up the onus to supply all our customers (both existing and potential) with the best quality, authentic jewellery ornaments.

 To foster trust and transparency with our customers, we provide the Certification of Authenticity with each of our sold jewellery specimens.

 Transparency and reliability are the core factors of our widespread distribution system.